Patio Doors

French and Garden doors from Queens Doors : Reliable, efficient and offering superior airtightness, our garden door provides maximum light inside your home. With an impressive variety of door window glass styles and sizes with our without decorative grill, our garden door complement any home style.

Choice of a fixed or operating post (allowing both doors to be opened).

High performance operating post : stronger and easier to operate. A single lever, located at shoulder height, which triggers simultaneously two anchor points located on the top and bottom of the door.

Queens garden doors are available with two screen systems : double sliding screens or with two full opening hinged screens that allow for a double venting operation for maximum air flow.

Left open to allow a refreshing breeze during warmer days, or beautifully framing the view of your garden while enjoying your morning coffee, our doors help bring the beauty of nature indoors. Create an inspired passage between your indoor and outdoor spaces, while also brightening your home with natural sunlight. A Garden French Door system from Queens Doors provides you with endless possibilities to enhance your home.

All of our patio doors are designed and constructed to ensure the same comfortable room temperature throughout the year, while also helping to reduce your energy cost. OurPatio Doorsprovide you with the highest security level available.